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Partner defined as: One who shares accountability in some cooperative activity with another individual or group. A “committed partner” is someone who is committed and shares the vision of which is will to follow and fulfill it.

God has given the vision of the Church Ministry to the Pastor. God then adds to the church daily, he sends obedient people to help fulfill the vision spoken to the Pastor. As Christians each of us have a God given measure or supply of the anointing to offer to the rest of the body. This measure or supply is distributed through partnership.

Partnership in the anointing is designed to meet the needs of the people of God. When we work together as one, we are able to multiply what God wants to accomplish in the earth through us. Partnership will require commitment on the part of both parties involved in the relationship. Our objective is to meet your need as it relates to the releasing of the wisdom and anointing to help you achieve what God has for you to do.

One of my responsibilities as a ministry as with any ministry gift who has proper understanding, is to equip you to do the work of the ministry. Your objective is to help us to do this, through your prayer and financial support. We are able to partake of one another’s grace through partnership.

Consider becoming a partner today! How? Send your partnership contribution to:

Kingdom Christian Center P. O. Box 12205 Philadelphia, PA 19141

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Charles Adrian Gordy